GSM Home security system


Home/ Bank/ Office security has been a major issue where crime is increasing and everybody wants to take proper measures to prevent intrusion. In addition there was a need to automate home so that user can take advantage of the technological advancement in such a way that a person getting off the office does not get melted with the hot climate.



The project is aimed at developing the security of Home against Intruders , Gas Leak and Fire . In any of the above three cases any one met while you are out of your home than the device sends SMS to the emergency no provided to it and also display on LCD connected to it.

The report consists of a background into the area of 8051 microcontroller and mobile communication, how they are interfaced to each other and AT (Attention) commands set used in communication.


  1.  AT command supporting GSM mobile phone or GSM modem
  2.  89S52 Microcontroller
  3.  Max 232 IC.
  4.  PIR or Laser Rx Tx
  5.  Fire  sensor
  6.  Voltage regulator 7805.
  7.  Diode IN4007
  8.  GSM Phone
  9.  LPG Gas Sensor
  10. LCD 16×2




AT-Command set

The following section describes the AT-Command set. The commands can be tried out by connecting a GSM modem to one of the PC’s COM ports. Type in the test-command, adding CR + LF (Carriage return + Line feed = \r\n) before executing. Table gives an overview of the implemented AT-Commands in this application. The use of the commands is described in the later sections.


AT-Command set overview


Command Description
AT Check if serial interface and GSM modem is working.
ATE0 Turn echo off, less traffic on serial line.
AT+CNMI Display of new incoming SMS.
AT+CPMS Selection of SMS memory.
AT+CMGF SMS string format, how they are compressed.
AT+CMGR Read new message from a given memory location.
AT+CMGS Send message to a given recipient.
AT+CMGD Delete message.



Vital role of GSM modemin GSM BASED  SECURITY SYSTEM’

GSM is one of the latest mobile technologies using smart MODEM, which can easily interfaced to embedded microcontrollers. Now everything is going to be automated using this technology, using this technology we can access the devices remotely. Using GSM and GPS now we can identify the people, vehicles etc in any where of the world.

MODEM is communicating with the microcontroller using AT commands, for example if we want to send an SMS to number +919828379647,the commands we have to send is AT+CMGS=”<+919828379647>”, <enter>, <message>, <ctrl-Z>.

In this project it is used to send SMS to the owners mobile when somebody entered the home without permission.



v      Home security.

v      Office security.

v      Bank security.




In this project in future we can add a multimedia camera to see what is going inside the home by sitting in office or somewhere.





GSM Home security system
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