Day: March 26, 2015

Electrical Appliances Automation using Android Phone via Bluetooth

Appliances Automation using Android Phone via Bluetooth
Appliances Automation using Android Phone via Bluetooth


Electrical Appliances Automation using Android Application via Bluetooth project is to control the electric appliances wirelessly by using android mobile’s Bluetooth. There is an android application which has to be installed on user’s mobile. Now using this application user can control all the electric appliances of their home according to their choice. There is a micro controller based circuit attached with the electric board which has the connection of all the appliances to be controlled. A Bluetooth module is connected to this circuit which receives the signal from mobile’s bluetooth and forwarded it to the controller for further process. Controller checks the command receives and matches this commands from its memory. After then it gives output to the ULN2803 which control the relay to be ON or OFF according to command. The relay works as automatic switch for the appliance connected with it. Thus, this system gives user to free from extra remote or manually control the home’s appliances. This system can be applied in industry or in offices. Read more

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