Engineer Projects was started in 2003 by only one person with a small shop in his 14 years age. After 3 – 4 years, it was popular as Iqbal Singh Project for engineering projects and then shop was named as Iqbal Singh Projects. In 2011, it was organized as a small company and has named as Engineer Projects by four people.

Engineer Projects is aimed to take custom themes or ideas for their project and after then we makes that project with our efforts.  We also provide Embedded projects, Electronics engineering projects, Electrical engineering projects, Mechanical engineering projects, CS and IT engineering projects on basis of our ideas. Engineer Projects specialize in implementation of projects and customizing them according to user needs and requirements. We encourage you to use our services by contacting us and experience the quality of service and devotion.

Initially, Engineer Projects provides complete and tested projects for final year engineering students. Now, it provides engineering projects in three category for final year engineering students. These category includes

1. Project Kit – Raw material, designed & drilled PCB with project description.

2. Ready made Project – Complete assembled & tested projects with project description

3. Do It Yourself (diy) Kit – One, complete assembled & tested projects with project description. And a  same designed & drilled PCB with some raw materials so that user can make same project by oneself.

We believe in conceptualizing ideas and visualize it using the latest technology, we welcome you to write to us and we will perform a feasibility analysis to ensure if it can be implemented using the given resources.

Achievements :

         1.    An interview of Iqbal Singh was published on 2nd Nov 2009 in Dainik Bhaskar News Paper for “Radio Market Se Nikalte Scientist”, a man making Engineering projects without having any educational qualification ( only 8th class passed ) during his teen age  but Engineering student and faculty are come to him for  guiding or making their projects.

                 2. Iqbal Singh has participated in RICCO BUSINESS PLAN PROJECTS competition and was awarded 1st prize on 18th Jan 2011. After this RIICO provides us an offer for 2 years based on project research.  It also published in City Bhasker and Times of India news paper.

Key Projects Handled :

1. NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition in 2012


NASA’s Lunabotics Mining Competition is designed to promote the development of interest in space activities and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. The Lunabotics Mining Competition is a student competition that will be conducted in a positive, professional way. The unique physical properties of lunar regolith and the reduced 1/6th gravity, vacuum environment make excavation a difficult technical challenge. This Lunabot is make to control through WI- FI using own IP address. This Lunabot have to pick up 300kg soil in 10 minute.

Award:Our Lunabot is pickup 300kg soil in 6 minute only with all conditions provided by NASA. Our Lunabot had won India’s First Rank and world’s 3rd Rank.


 1. NASA Great Moon buggy Race Competition in 2011

NASA Great Moon Buggy Race Competition is18th Annual Great Moon Buggy Race hosted by NASA.  This Vehicle had unique physical properties, which can drive by human force at 1-3 gravity of Moon surface. This vehicle was made for running on Moon’s rough surface with 30 degree of suspension.

Two persons had to drive this Vehicle by pedal on NASA’s conditional environment. It also has a steering and disk break. Its dimension was 6 x 4 x 3 feet in assembled mode.

Award : Our Moon Buggy has won 5th Rank for Race and 1st Rank for Best Designing in World.




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