Time Delay based Automatic Load Shedding and Reconnection using Arduino


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It is Automatic Load Shedding and Reconnecting system using Arduino on time based. It is designed to control substation load shedding using a programmable switching control by automatically based on given time by user. The development of this application requires the configuration of the program through some buttons.  All the status of loads are displayed on an LCD display.

Load shedding refers to a deliberate and selective dropping of electrical load in accordance with a pre-program in order to ensure that plant does not trip off on overload and also to ensure that certain pre-selected loads can be saved.  It helps in maintenance of generating and distribution systems.


  1. It helps in preventing instability and system collapse of electrical generation and distribution systems.
  2. It provides both manual and automated load shedding.
  3. Easier maintenance.


  1. System is a bit complex as it involves digitization and hence requires skilled manpower.

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