AC Motor Speed Control using IR TV Remote with ZVS, 8051

Abstract: The main objective of AC Motor Speed Control using IR TV Remote to provides controlling the speed of AC motor or any electrical appliances by a TV remote with ZVS method. TSOP receives the signal from TV remote and … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Wireless mobile charging

Abstract: The main objective of Wireless Charger System is to charge the mobile battery by using wireless charger. The dream of wireless charging is just to be able to plop your phone on a shelf after work and have it … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Home Automation Using Cell Phone

    Abstract: As name suggested, Home Automation using Mobile is going to be used for control the home appliances. It enables you to control home appliance like Bulbs, Fan, and Television etc with the pressing of your mobile key … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Sun Tracking System for Solar Panel

Abstract : Sun Tracking System for Solar panel project is made to tracking the Sun at day time for utilizing its solar energy properly for solar panel. The Sun trackers are all-weather, reliable and affordable tracking and positioning instruments. This … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Pedometer with Wireless PC Communication

Abstract : A pedometer is a device, usually portable and electronic or electromechanical, that counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the foot’s step. Because the distance of each person’s step varies, an informal calibration, performed … Continue ReadingContinue Reading