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Wireless mobile charging

Wireless charger
Wireless mobile charger


The main objective of Wireless Charger System is to charge the mobile battery by using wireless charger. The dream of wireless charging is just to be able to plop your phone on a shelf after work and have it fully charged when you pick it up again on your way out. This technology will replace cables and standardize on one interface, potentially being able to adjust power settings to charge different types of batteries.

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Home Automation Using Cell Phone

home appliance control using cell phone




As name suggested, Home Automation using Mobile is going to be used for control the home appliances. It enables you to control home appliance like Bulbs, Fan, and Television etc with the pressing of your mobile key from anywhere. There are no needs of specific remote for this, user can use any to control these appliances. So if you forgot to switch OFF the lights or other appliances while going out, it helps you to turn OFF the appliance with your cell phone.

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Sun Tracking System for Solar Panel

solar tracker

Abstract :

Sun Tracking System for Solar panel project is made to tracking the Sun at day time for utilizing its solar energy properly for solar panel. The Sun trackers are all-weather, reliable and affordable tracking and positioning instruments. This project orients the Solar Panel toward the sun, so that it can utilize with higher accuracy. Our Sun Tracker system track the Sun by use of sensors and rotate the solar panel by means of stepper motor.

For flat-panel applications, trackers are used to minimize the angle of incidence between the incoming light and a solar panel. This increases the amount of energy produced from a fixed amount of installed power generating capacity. The optics in concentrated solar applications accepts the direct component of sunlight light and therefore must be oriented appropriately to collect energy. Tracking systems are found in all concentrator applications because such systems do not produce energy unless oriented closely toward the sun.

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Pedometer with Wireless PC Communication

Abstract :

A pedometer is a device, usually portable and electronic or electromechanical, that counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the foot’s step. Because the distance of each person’s step varies, an informal calibration, performed by the user, is required if presentation of the distance covered in a unit of length (such as in kilometres or miles) is desired. Pedometers can be a motivation tool for people wanting to increase their physical activity. Step counters can give encouragement to compete with oneself in getting fit and losing weight. Pedometers have been shown in clinical studies to increase physical activity, and reduce blood pressure levels and Body Mass Index.

Pedometer originally used by sports and physical fitness enthusiasts; But now it becoming popular as an everyday exercise measure and motivator. It records the total steps moved.

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Fan & Mixer Grinder Speed Control by TV Remote


Fan & Mixer Grinder Speed Control by TV Remote project is made to be use at Home, Office, Industry, Showrooms and etc. This project allows to controlling the speed of Fan, Mixer grinder, AC motor or any electrical appliances by a TV remote. This is 8051 projects uses the AT89S52 (family of 8051) controller. Here we use the TSOP receiver which receives the signal from TV remote and provides it to micro – controller for further process. TSOP 1738 is a high sensitive IR receiver which can sense 38 KHz IR light. This project has coverage distance up to 10 meter, so it can be used at home offices, Showrooms and etc. This project can easily installed and used. Basically, AC motors need more current, so we use Triac driver for our driving AC motor. Continue reading Fan & Mixer Grinder Speed Control by TV Remote