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Electricity generation through stairs

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Electricity generation through stairs



In our modern world the most critical problem standing over human society is to find out the alteration of non-renewable energy sources. And we find hope in the renewable energy sources. Walking is most common activity in day to day life. When a person walks he loses energy to the road surface in the form of impact, vibration, sound etc, due to transfer of his or her weight on the road surface, through foot falls on the ground during each step. This energy can be tapped and converted into usable form such as electric form. In order to develop a technique to harness foot step energy, a foot step electricity generating device was developed. This device, if embedded in footpaths, can convert foot impact energy into electrical form. If such devices are embedded into places where there is continuous human traffic like malls, railway platforms, city footpaths etc, the electricity generated from these devices can be used for street lighting purpose.

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Microcontroller-based Speedometer-Cum-Odometer

Microcontroller-based Speedometer-Cum-Odometer


Normally, digital speedometers are found only in luxury cars and high-end motorbikes. Even if your motorbike has a mechanical speedometer, what will you do when it gets damaged? First, you need to replace the mechanical worm gear and then the cable. Anyway, we describe here how to build a digital speedometer cum odometer for your motorbike. The circuit uses a micro controller, an LCD display and some commonly available components. It is a better alternative to the mechanical speedometer and even a beginner with minimal skill level can assemble it. The features of the digital speedometer-cum-odometer are: Continue reading Microcontroller-based Speedometer-Cum-Odometer

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RC Controlled Forklift



The Automatic Forklift System (AFS) is designed to make the process of stocking warehouses
safer and more efficient. With current manually operated forklifts, employees are at risk of
injury. Employers also spend a lot of money on insurance and paying multiple employees to
operate forklifts in their warehouses. The AFS will limit the need for employees to operate
forklifts manually. This will not only cut down on long term employer costs, but will reduce the
chance of injury among employees as well.
We built a 1/6th scale prototype of a single AFS. This model takes pallets to and from the Continue reading RC Controlled Forklift

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Robocar Obstacle Sensor using 89c51


A robot can be defined as an electro-mechanical system with the capability of sensing its environment, manipulating it and acting according to the preprogrammed sequence. It is a machine that appears intelligent due to the

instructions it receives from a computer inside it which handles multiple

tasks. This article features a car robot, RoboCar which uses a microcontroller

to detect obstacles and manipulate its direction as per the inputs from

three infra-red (IR) sensors mounted in front of the car. The heart of the system is a microcontroller—Atmel AT89C52. It is programmed to accept inputs from its port p0 to sense the obstacles around it and control the steering to avoid Continue reading Robocar Obstacle Sensor using 89c51

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Vending Machine Controller



average vending machines are commonplace at railway stations, airports, fast-food restaurants and even in companies. Press a switch and the machine delivers a cup of your favorite drink. This looks quite a simple operation but has a very complex logic behind it: It involves use of twelve precision timers and four counters apart from physical devices like display, solenoid and motor to deliver water and premixed tea/coffee/soup powder in exact quantity for better taste and in exact sequence. This has become possible because of the use of Continue reading Vending Machine Controller