Triple Band Microstrip Patch Antenna


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This Microstrip patch antenna with triple band is metamaterial antenna using E slot in patch and complimentary split ring resonator (CSRR) on ground plane. The dimension of Microstrip antenna is 36mm X 36mm X 1.6mm on FR-4 substrate. In this Microstrip patch antenna  has rectangular patch and a feed line connected to the patch. There are two CSRRs are designed in the ground plane. This antenna has three band, thus it operates at 4.6 GHz, 6.6 GHz and 9.5 GHz frequencies. It has been designed in CST microwave studio simulator and analyze the result. To achieve triple band antenna, metamaterial complimentary split ring resonator has been used with enhanced performance. The proposed antenna is applicable for INSAT C-Band Receiver, UWB and Radar sensor application.

A metamaterial has special electromagnetic properties which is not found in nature.  Now a day, metamaterial has great attention due to these unique properties for example it has double negative characteristic, zero refractive index, etc. It is very useful for the enhancement of antenna performance. Multiband antenna has wide range of applications in wireless devices. It is applicable for UWB application, UWB is short range radio technology which consists of the Wi-Fi, WiMAX and cellular wide area communication having longer range radio technologies.


  1. This antenna can be easily fabricated
  2. It is economically cheap, simple and compact for small portable devices.

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