Bus Route Optimization


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Bus Route Optimization project is to providing customer facilities to get information about Buses and route with source, destination and date of journey easily. Whenever an organization, in the business of providing mobility, is entrusted with moving goods and peoples a natural question that arises is how efficiently that organization can provide the services. This basic requirement of efficient mobility of goods and passengers gives rise to, among many other things, the subject areas of optimal routing and scheduling. In the following sections the problems of optimal routing and optimal scheduling are done by our Bus Route Optimization project.

It has ASP.NET as front end and SQL server as back end. The language is used for this project is C#.

The vehicle routing problem refers to all problems where optimal closed loop paths which touch different points of interest are to be determined. There may be one or more vehicles. Generally the points of interest are referred to as nodes; further, the start and end nodes of a route are the same and often referred to as the depot.





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