Density Based Advance Traffic Light System with 8 sensor using 8051


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The main objective of our project Density Based Advance Traffic Light System with 8 sensor using 8051 is to provide more advance facility at red light crossing. Normally there is traffic system in which each side gets green light for fixed time then red light gets on whether there is any traffic presence or not on that side. And traffic on other sides has to be waiting which waste of time. So, we provide an idea to overcome this problem. In our system there are total eight sensors, two at each side which detects the traffic on each side. The first sensor on each side tells to the system that there is any traffic or not. If system knows that there is no any traffic the side where the green light is going to be on, then it switches to the next side without wasting of time.

If first sensor gives presence of traffic on that side then system checks the second sensor of that side which gives an idea of crown that side. If second sensor gives the presence of traffic then system provides the green light twice of regular time (say 2 min) on that side. Otherwise, it provides green light for regular time (say 1 min). By apply this system in our red crossing traffic light we can reduce the accident on crossing road. Our advanced traffic light system can easily apply on the real life. This system is controlled by AT89S51 (8051 family) micro – controller with help of eight sensors.

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