Vehicle Tracking System using GPS-GSM


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Android based Vehicle Tracking System using GPS-GSM provides a wireless system which gets the vehicle location at current time and send location information to administrator mobile using GPS and GSM. There is an android application; user has to use this application for getting the location information. When he/she clicks on Get Info button through android phone, this application automatically sends the message to our system’ GSM Modem. Our system has micro controller ATMEGA328 which continuously checks for new message. When it gets the message with predefine format so that it filter the right message, then controller first read the mobile number from which it gets the message for location.

After then it sends the command to GPS modem for getting current location at that time. Now controller sends the message to that number with current location.

Several security and tracking systems are designed to assist corporations with large number of vehicles and several usage purposes. A fleet management system can minimize the cost and effort of employees to finish road assignments within a minimal time. Besides, assignments can be scheduled in advanced based on current vehicles location. Therefore, central fleet management is essential to large enterprises to meet the varying requirements of customers and to improve the productivity. However, there are still some security gaps where these technologies don’t prevent a vehicle from theft, don’t assist to recover it and don’t allow the users to know the status of their vehicles. They can’t permit the owner to communicate with the vehicle online, even if the owner is certain that his vehicle was stolen. In wireless data transporting, GSM and SMS technology is a common feature with all mobile network service.

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