Fingerprint Based Security System and door lock

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Personal Safes are revolutionary locking storage cases that open with just the touch of your finger. These products are designed as secure storage for medications, jewelry, weapons, documents, and other valuable or potentially harmful items. These utilize fingerprint recognition technology to allow access to only those whose fingerprints you choose. It contains all the necessary electronics to allow you to store, delete, and verify fingerprints with just the touch of a button. Stored fingerprints are retained even in the event of complete power failure or battery drain. These eliminates the need for keeping track of keys or remembering a combination password, or PIN. It can only be opened when an authorized user is present, since there are no keys or combinations to be copied or stolen, or locks that can be picked.

In this project the fingerprint module from Mixes Biometrics is used. It can store up to 750 finger prints on its own memory. It can be controlled through its serial port. The micro controller AT89S52 interacts with the module. You can add a fingerprint, Delete a fingerprint and identify the fingerprint.

To add a fingerprint, just show the finger on the module and press the ADD key. Now the micro controller will send the ADD command to the module and the module will add it into the memory.
To delete the finger follow the same as above.

To identify the finger, press the Identify button and if the finger matches then the Relay is complemented. Also the fingerprint ID is displayed over the LCD display.


1.1 The era of biometrics

In the 21st century the use of biometric based systems have seen an exponential growth. This is all because of tremendous progress in this field making it possible to bring down their prices, easiness of use and its diversified use in everyday life. Biometrics is becoming new state of art method of security systems. Biometrics are used to prevent unauthorized access to ATM, cellular phones , laptops , offices, cars and many other security concerned things. Biometric have brought significant changes in security systems making them more secure then before, efficient and cheap. They have changed the security system from fingerprints

1.2 What is biometrics?

Biometrics is the science of verifying the identity of an individual through physiological measurements or behavioral traits. Since biometric identifiers are associated permanently with the user they are more reliable than token or knowledge based authentication methods.

1.3 Advantages of Biometrics

Biometrics offers several advantages over traditional security measures. Some of

Them are presented below

1.3.1 Accuracy and Security

Biometrics based security systems are far most secure and accurate than traditional password or token based security systems. For example a password based security system has always the threat of being stolen and accessed by the unauthorized user. Further more the traditional security systems are always prone to accuracy as compared to biometrics which is more accurate.

1.3.2 One individual, Multiple IDs

Traditional security systems face the problem that they don’t give solution to the problem of individuals having multiple IDs. For examples a person having multiple passports to enter a foreign country. Thanks to biometrics!!! They give us a system in which an individual can’t possess multiple IDs and can’t change his ID through out his life time. Each individual is identified through a unique Biometric identity throughout the world.

1.3.3 One ID, multiple individuals

In traditional security systems one ID can be used by multiple individuals. For example in case of a password based security system a single password can be shared among multiple individuals and they can share the resources allotted to a single individual. Biometric based security system doesn’t allow such a crime. Here each individual has a single unique ID and it can’t be shared with any other individual.

1.4 Biometrics categories

Biometrics can be categorized in various categories as follow.

1.4.1 Physical biometrics

This biometrics involves measurement of physical characteristics of individuals.

The most prominent of these include


2*phase recognition


4*Hard bit and more

But we are using Fingerprints making a project

What are finger prints?

Fingerprints recognition has been present for a few hundred years. Due to tremendous research this field has reached such a point where the purchase of fingerprint security system is quite affordable. For this reason these systems are becoming more widespread in a variety of applications.

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  1. ateeq

    i m student of electrical engineering. i need complete programing of this project. please send me full information. i am interested in this project

  2. allen may

    good day sir..could you send us the source code for this project????pls…we badly need it…..u may send it at my email add….

  3. bilal

    i cant find the module any where in Karachi(Pakistan),
    can you please tell me the site or shop in pakistan from where i can get it..and please tell me the price of this finger print module

  4. Md Meraz

    what,s the price of this project.

    • Author

      The cost of the project 14000 RS

  5. nagaraj

    sir i need full details about this project.
    it very urgent
    send to this email id

    • Author

      go to above link and click on download button. There is all required detail for that project on this link.

    • wizdom

      pls i want to carry out a project like this but wish to combine password and fingerprint together. can you pls help with the circuit diagram and the list of components


        Yes we can apply keypad with this circuit for password access

  6. babalola femi emmanuel

    please i need a complete package of this project


    sir, i’m a student of ECE, and i’m working on this project , now i want to add code lock with this finger print security…
    Means i want to make something like if person want to access lock , should enter both finger print or code.

    so could you please give me some useful sugetion to me
    my ID :

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    Some really excellent information, Glad I found this.

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    Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very useful info specially the last part 🙂 I care for such information much. I was looking for this particular information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

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    greetings. i enjoy reading your blog Fingerprint Based Security System and door lock | Engineering Projects and will certainly make a link to on my site.

  12. luqman tabish

    please can you send me a source code

  13. luqman tabish

  14. Doris

    I’m certainly right here to help, you’ll need to check reviews here. Intensely.

  15. rehan

    Is there necessity of program for this project ?
    If so where can i get it?
    please tell me


      yes its need a program and that will found from download option

  16. powerflo

    sir, please i already got the fingerprint module (SM630) but my problem is the pin arrangement of the module. i will be glad if you can please help me send the pin connection of the module to my email ( thanks in advance.


      sm630 pin diagram

  17. rahul raj

    where can we find the finger print module in andhra pradesh of india how much it costs???

  18. Rajdeep singh

    Hello sir i am going to make fingerprint based attendance system.using 8051 microcontroller but dont know how to write the program. i had also read all the command specification which will be use here like
    EMGetImage,EmGetChar.but how to do program using these command please help me. my email id is


      If you want to write program in C language for 8051 micro- controller then you need Keil software and then you can view help or youtube(how to make project in keil)

  19. Majeed

    does the microcontroller make the comparison between the saved fingerprints and the currently applied one?, this needs an efficent high spead processor!


      micro – controller is enough to comparison the fingerprints between saved and currently one, if you are using one or two fingerprint. But, If you want to use more data then there will be need of high speed processor.

  20. wayne

    hai, i just to ask if i change the micro-controller AT89S52 to PIC16F887? there any changes on the programming and the circuit? thanks 🙂


      If you Change the micro- controllerAT89S52 to Pic16F887, then the circuit diagram and programming both has to be changed.

  21. jide

    hello, pls am asking if i can change the crystal osc. 11.05 to say 10, will the circuit or code change?


      If you didn’t use RX/TX of controller then you can use crystal of any frequency, it only affect on speed of processor. But, if there is use of RX/TX, then didn’t try to change the crystal because the programmer had set accurate crystal required for buad rate as in our case. Here you must have to use same crystal as mentioned.

  22. Usman Mazher

    just tell me add delete and identify commands


      you can easily find out the Add, Delete and other useful commands for fingerprint in SM630 datasheet. Download the SM630 datasheet of SM630.

  23. jide

    thank you every much sir for all your helps, may God continue to bless you.
    pls i have some questions:

    1- From the circuit what is 10K SIP and 56E ?
    2- i have not gotten SM630 yet, can i use any other fingerprint module and in that case will the code change?
    3-the crystal i have is 11.057MHZ, will it work?


      1 – 10k SIP means a network resistor(9 pin) of 10K Ohm and 56E means 56 Ohm.
      2 – If you want change the module then you must have to check the datasheet of SM630 with newer one’s datasheet.
      If both have same pins and same commands then there will no need to change the controller code.
      3 – If you want to change the crystal then you have to change the code according to new baurd rate.

  24. mycircuits9

    A very nice circuit…….

    Thank you very much

  25. elia2010s

    Can u add camera and registration for the date and time please.


      you can call for more detail at 9828379647

  26. Harish Ajay

    Could you tell me where exactly the download option is actually cause I’m not able to find that on this page

  27. jayasri kota

    helo,can any of u guys plzz send me the code for Fingerprint Based Biometric ATM Authentication System using pic 1616F877A


      you have to send mail to us for any modification or update project

  28. admin

    nice project at low cost. prefect working

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