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Abstract :

The goal of Flying and Spy Robot project is to create a small, robust and highly manoeuvrable autonomous flying robot that can be used both indoors and outdoors under any weather conditions. Currently, similar platforms are controlled at low frequencies due to hardware and software limitations. This causes uncertainty in position control and unstable behaviour during fast manoeuvres. Our flying platform offers a 40 MHz control frequency and motor update rate, in combination with powerful brush-less DC motors in a light-weight package. Its robust performance is achieved by using simple but reliable highly optimized algorithms. The robot is small, light, and can carry payloads of up to 340g.

We believe that the key to achieving this goal is to build minimalist platforms that are light-weight and controllable at very high frequencies, (e.g. 40 MHz). Control at very high frequencies enables very fast response to changing environmental conditions such as strong, choppy winds, and also allows extreme acrobatic manoeuvres. The challenges to achieving this kind of control are both on the hardware and the software front. From a hardware point of view we need light-weight low-cost Inertial Measurement Units (I MU) capable of fast responses. From a software point of view, robust control algorithms that are tightly coupled to the hardware are needed. In this paper we describe a 1 rotor autonomous robot we developed in response to these challenges.

One of the main design goals was to obtain a high controlling frequency of 40 MHz throughout the system. To support this, our platform features a custom built on board high-speed sensing system which consists of three gyroscopes to give relative measurements for the robot’s angles. High control frequency precludes the use of commercially available brush-less motor controllers, such as those found in model aircraft, as they only allow motor speed update rates of 40 MHz. We designed a new brush-less controller capable of a 40MHz update rate with an HTI2E interface. This controller has very low dead times and supports very dynamic movements. Intensive manual acrobatic flights with loops, flips, spins, sharp turns and combined manoeuvres proofed the stability of the controller in extreme situations. Having such a high control frequency allows us to create an extremely stable platform, even with payloads of up to 340gm. Many applications for such a platform exist. The outstanding stability of the platform makes the integration of on board and off board position tracking system possible. At the end of this paper we demonstrate the performance of the system using an external motion tracking system to provide closed loop position control. Cameras mounted on the platform also benefit from a stable video on TV.

There is also window based software for PC interface. That PC is connected via RS232 to the circuit. This software is based on visual basic 6. The software has to run on PC. This software sends the commands to the circuit according to user wants and circuit transmits it through transmitter after encoding it. There is a receiver attached to the aircraft which receives that command and operates accordingly.

Working :

There is window based software for PC interface, which controls the Flying robot. The snap shot of this software is shown below. There is a circuit which is connected to the PC through RS 232 cable. This circuit has a MAX 232 IC which receives the data from PC and transfers it to the micro – controller AT89S52. The controller sends the signal to the ULN2003 IC (a relay driver IC) according to the command receive from PC. This relay driver IC operates the all 8 relays for transmitting the respected command to the Flying Robot. There is a receiver in the robot which receives that commands and move according to them. A camera is also attached with the flying robot to capture the video and transmit to the user for viewing.

There are separate buttons for left, right and landing in this window based software. User can increase or decrease the speed of the flying robot by using this software.

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  1. ip cameras

    Good!!! Bookmarked this page that has this amazing content. Will come back to see if there are any updates. You, the author, are a master. Thanks

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    how can i get this project……..

  3. Author

    Well you should mail me your problem and the project coding. my mail id

    • hamdanson

      how can i get this project……..!!

      • Author

        you can contact me on 9828379647 for this project

  4. shravan

    sir i want to buy this project please send me details and how can i buy it

  5. vikash

    its nice if we want to fly a planeof diameter of 60 cm

  6. vikash

    its nice if we want to fly a planeof diameter of 60 cm,what can i do for it pls reply as soon as possible if you are able to provide this type of project the pls send me a detail synopsis with coasting

    • Author

      You can review info about flying and spy robot on our website that is of about 60 cm. there is all detail for it along with costing. for further information contact me on 9828379647.

  7. mitesh

    sir i m making this project in final year so pls mail me its full details as soon as possible

  8. sudher

    sir i want to make this project please send me full details .

  9. t.mouli

    sir can you mail me the complete data regarding this amazing spyboat. i am very interested to do this can you help me with the coadind required for this


      you can download codes from download option

  10. KUNTAL



      you can download Flying and Spy Robot details from download option

  11. jitendra

    also send me procedure to buy this project


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      • prasad

        so nice project, i would like to say thanks to Iqbal sir, this is amazing project, thanks sir.

  12. sanket

    how the s/w part is designed??/
    i mean after implementing it in vb6.hw it is connected to uc 8051?

  13. prashant kadam

    i need this project sir,how ican get it?


      Hello Prashant,
      Either you have to buy this by booking online (for this you to click on ADD to Cart) or you can directly contact us on
      Mobile – 9828379647
      Phone – 0141- 2791669

  14. sanjeev pandey

    sir i wanna to work on this project so give me the suggestion about this project




      what info..?

  16. kamal

    very good idea. well working

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