GSM Based Automatic Meter Reading and Billing System


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GSM based Automatic meter reading is the technology of automatically collecting data from energy meter and transferring that data to a central database for billing and/or analyzing. The Transmitter circuit is connected to the meter which counts the pulses from it and displays it over the LCD display. The transmitter circuit containing a GSM modem for data transforming, which transforms the meter reading after each 10 pulses to a particular number through SMS.

An additional advanced service is also available, which includes the software operating on the computer. This software shows the updated reading. User has to put the unit rate and date of billing, and then this software automatically calculates the bill and also print it if printer is connected to computer.


In this GSM based Automatic meter reading, a led is connected in parallel to the ‘cal’ led of meter reading. This led is paired with a LDR, which acts as an Optocoupler. the output of LDR is connected to the base of NPN transistor and the collector output of transistor is connected to the pin P1.0 of micro-controller. So at each blink of led of meter reading, a signal is passed to the micro-controller to count the pulses of meter reading. Then micro-controller updates the reading and displayed it over LCD and also saves to the EEPROM. The LCD and EEPROM are connected to port 0 of micro-controller. For transferring the data a GSM modem is used, which sends SMS to the particular mobile number defined. The micro-controller is programmed to send the SMS after every 10 pulses of meter reading. The MAX232 is used to interfacing GSM modem, there is another GSM modem is also available which doesn’t required MAX232, it can directly connected to micro-controller

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11 reviews for GSM Based Automatic Meter Reading and Billing System

  1. Frederick Mettle-Nunoo

    its me once more and i would like to make one more enquiry before i place a purchase of this project.
    Does this project (Do it yourself) come in a package together with the software codes.Can it arrive with the microcontrollers already programmed? project documentation.
    hope to hear from you soon.

  2. PrabX

    Is this project (Do it yourself) come with the software codes, & necessary documentation.

  3. XtremeENgiNeeR

    Hi, I just want to know, what are the things will be there if select project kit for GSM Based Automatic Meter Reading and Billing System.


      In Project Kit there are:
      1. Copper Clad PCB (Printed , drilled and tested)
      2. Set of all components to be soldered
      3. Programmed IC
      4. Circuit Description with explanation
      5. File report

      You have to assembled and solder all the components.

  4. Edward Kessie

    hi I am interested in this project as my final year project. how can I get the stuffs with the write-ups. pls kindly give me a private mail thank you

  5. dalchand

    I m interesting this project. I want to know more about this project.please call me 9999959327

  6. salah

    hi i want this kit for my final project but i whant to now if the code exist so i can used for make simulation


      contact us for detail @ 9828379647

      • ilakkiya

        need tis project has existing r not and need base paper over come advantages

        • IQBAL SINGH

          yes this project is available and for any modification please contact at
          Email ID –
          Mobile – 8955512356

  7. said

    hi i am planing to to do same as this project put i would like to ad some features . please contact me for discussing , my mobile no is 0096899363667

  8. sakisho

    Hi i also interested in what you are doing. Does this project need coding? Need your answer as soon as possible thanks.


      Yes, this project has micro controller which has to be programme

  9. prashant

    hi,can we use digital meter instead of analog meter



  10. Vishal

    hello sir, I am interested in this project ,but i want to do this project myself. can i get the full information about this project and the connection diagram , and also a rough idea of the price estimated in this project
    sir please reply as soon as possible.
    thank you sir


      You can purchase professional kit or guide kit for doing yourself accordingly your knowledge

  11. chellamuthu

    i want automatic eb meater reading with billing system using iot


      please mail us with all functions required by you at our company email –
      or you can contact us @ +91 8955512356

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