GSM based Locker Security System with EEPROM


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GSM based Locker Security System with EEPROM to protect the locker against theft or misuse by other person. This project is controlled by micro controller 8051 with GSM modem. There is a 3×4 matrix keypad to enter the password for operate the locker. If any other person or theft will try to enter the password and if he tries three times with wrong password then our system automatically sends the theft alert message to administrator using GSM modem. There is 16×2 character LCD display which displays all the information like password matched or not, sending theft alert message etc.

There is EEPROM also attached with circuit to store the password so that the password can save permanently not temporally. It provides advance facility like user can change password anytime easily through master password. And at new password generation user get information message for password change. When user enter the password using keypad for operating locker then controller checks this code with saved password in EEPROM. If the password is matched then micro controller sends signal to ULN2803 to switch ON the relay so that locker can be open and open status will display at LCD display.


1. High Reliable – This makes it an authentic security system that can be employed in high security zone such as in banking, defense, military access, etc.

2. Difficult to Fake – This features makes it difficult to forge the password for locker which can access, for misuse by another person.

3. safe – This system is considered to be safe as well as user friendly when compared to the other security systems as it response immediately through SMS by GSM modem.

4. Security – This project provided double security as it provides SMS alert along with password locked system.

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