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As name suggested, Home Automation using Mobile is going to be used for control the home appliances. It enables you to control home appliance like Bulbs, Fan, and Television etc with the pressing of your mobile key from anywhere. There are no needs of specific remote for this, user can use any to control these appliances. So if you forgot to switch OFF the lights or other appliances while going out, it helps you to turn OFF the appliance with your cell phone.

Your cell phone works as remote control for your home appliances. There is a mobile phone connected in the circuit through headphone which receives the ‘Dual Tone Multiple frequency’ (DTMF) tone by headphone and proceeds it to the circuit attach with it. Now 8051 microcontroller send the proper commands to  the ULN 2003 IC which controls the relays.



  1. High sensitive
  2. Works with any Cell phone from anywhere
  3. Low cost and reliable circuit
  4. Coverage distance up to 10 meter



  1. Home appliances control
  2. Hotel lights/ fans Control
  3. Shops and Showrooms appliances control
  4. Industrial appliances

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5 reviews for Home Automation Using Cell Phone

  1. Rabiu Idris

    With regards. I live in kaduna city of Nigeria. How can I buy this project.


      you have to order this project

  2. amitashish

    does the project kit @ Rs. 2700 contains the leaflet of the procedures for assembling the components?


      There is PCB layout with components marking and components list along with circuit diagram.


      Yes, there is PCB layout diagram with component marking and compkenets list along with circuit diagram.
      you can visit our new website here

  3. Shb

    In this project how can you overcome the disadvantage of not able to understand which button to switch off when you are not near to the setup??.because if we left any object in and we are not sure which one so how can you udersunder which button to press


      this can be predefined in android app for easy to handler.

  4. Xyrex

    Where I find him.

  5. srinivasa reddy

    I Nedd This project


      just make an order for purchase or contact us on 8955512356 or techsodes@gmail.com

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