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Multiuse Text Messaging by RF is the exchange of brief written text messages between two or more portable devices. Secured wireless communication plays an important role for military, office, industry. Multiuse Text Messaging by RF project is specially made for wireless communication. It doesn’t need any networking service. As many times we need to communicate within a campus or a small area. So, this project can use for this purpose without paying messaging bill. The major point of this project is that it is secured wireless communication. Transmitter encodes the message before sending it which couldn’t decode easily by any receiver. Our receiver circuit knows the decoding format so it easily decodes and user can read the message. In this way user can get securely communicates with each other.

In our Multiuse Text Messaging by RF, there are two sections – one for transmitter and second for receiver. Both circuits (transmitter and receiver) have a micro – controller AT89S52. In the Transmitter circuit there is a 16 x 2 character LCD connected to the port 0 of the micro – controller to display the typed message and sending information. There is a Keyboard connected to micro – controller for message typing, so that user can type his/her message and send it to desired receiver. And a TX 433 Transmitter of 433 MHz Frequency for transmit the message is connected to controller as output.

In the Receiver circuit there is also a 16 x 2 character LCD connected to the port 0 of the micro – controller to display the received message and receiving information. A RX 433 Receiver of 433 MHz Frequency for which receives the message connected to controller as input. A buzzer to indicate message receive is connected to the controller as output. When there is any message receives by Receiver Section then the buzzer will sound. Now user can read the message on LCD by pressing read button. There are edit buttons in both transmitter and receiver section which is used for putting the password before transmitting the message. Thus at receiver side same code has to be put in order to read the message which protects your message.


  1. Works at 433 MHz frequency
  2. It provides secured wireless communication.
  3. Low cost and reliable circuit, No any extra pay for communication.
  4. Coverage distance up to 50 meter.


  1. Securely wireless text messaging at military, office or in small campus.
  2. It can also be use in college, industries for small text messaging for official communications without paying any bill for messaging.

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1 review for Multiuse Text Messaging by RF

  1. shubham

    would you please say is this project work well or not?


      of course, it works well. you can send message wireless through RF, which is receive at receiver circuit and message can read on LCD.

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