PWM Lamp Flasher with MOSFET using 8051


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PWM Lamp Flasher with MOSFET using 8051 is used to ON/OFF the Lamp with flashing. A low voltage lamp of 12V is driven by a power MOSFET in PWM mode which is derived from a microcontroller. There is microcontroller 8051 which generates the PWM signal and forwards it to the transistor which further transfers to MOSFET. Now MOSFET controls the lamp flashing according to PWM signal. There are two Push to ON button, one for ON the Lamp and other for OFF. When we press the ON button then it passes the signal to the controller. Now controller generates the PWM signal and sends to the NPN transistor.And when we press the OFF button then controller sends signal to OFF the Lamp. There is LED connected to the controller. When controller passes the PWM signal for lamp then along with this that signal also passes to this LED. Thus along with Lamp flashing this also flashes which according to PWM signal.

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