RFID door access system using 8051


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RFID door access system is provides the best way to secured door lock. The RFID reader is placed on the outside of the door and is separate from the main controller circuit, which is on the inside so that no one can circumvent the security by breaking open the Reader and trying to short circuit the reader. The controller receives serial data from the Reader and controls the Door lock or unlock.


RFID card reader reads the card shown and sends uart data to the micro-controller 8051. The 8051 micro-controller read this data and match it with saved programmed card data. After matching it, micro-controller sends the signal to L293D, H bridge motor driver IC, to control the motor for door lock and unlock. There is also a 16×2 character LCD is connected to micro-controller for display information. The LCD display the information that card is matched or not matched and if it matched then it also display that “door is unlock”. In case it is not matched the LCD display that “card error”. There is a Push button connected to micro-controller for door lock.

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