State Electricity Board Line Cutting Control System using PC

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State Electricity Board (SEB) Line Cutting Control System using PC is provides facility to control the State Electricity Board electric line cutting control by software on PC. By using this project, admin can control his/her Industrial, Domestic and Commercial electric line cutting by managing date or time entered in the software installed in PC. In our project when particular date and time meets then our software sends signal to micro controller for further process via MAX232 IC. Now micro – controller 8051 send the proper commands to the ULN 2003 IC which controls the relays. These relays control cutting the line connected to it, thus electric to that particular line (Industrial, Domestic and Commercial) with help of these relay. The admin has option to enter the separate date and time for each of three Industrial, Domestic and Commercial line

for electric line cutting. Then our system continuously checks date and time matching, if its meet then it start further process.

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Electric Line Cutting System

State Electricity Board Line Cutting Control System using PC

In our project we use a circuit connected to PC via RS232. There is small window based software to operate this project. Administrator only has to run this software and then after use the PC keyboard and mouse to operate this. The circuit has an 8051 micro- controller, which receives user commands from PC through RS232, sends commands to the ULN2003. The ULN2003 IC, Relay Driver IC, connected in between micro – controller and relays. Thus, each relay receives signal from this IC and be ON or OFF according to the commands. Along which these relay the electric line also control, each line has a particular relay as switch. Thus, our SEB Line Cutting Control System using PC control your electric line cutting system without any error. This system is economically cheap and easy to apply. There MAX 232 IC is used in the circuit for interfacing the PC to the microcontroller.

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3 reviews for State Electricity Board Line Cutting Control System using PC

  1. Navaneethan

    I would like to buy this project, is it possible t interface with pc thorugh LabVIEW software, please clarify this doubt
    Thanks in advance.



  2. sergeibok

    vary use full Project. Good Work.

  3. glenn

    very good working, timely delivery

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