Electricity generation through stairs


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In our modern world the most critical problem standing over human society is to find out the alteration of non-renewable energy sources. And we find hope in the renewable energy sources. Walking is most common activity in day to day life. When a person walks he loses energy to the road surface in the form of impact, vibration, sound etc, due to transfer of his or her weight on the road surface, through foot falls on the ground during each step. This energy can be tapped and converted into usable form such as electric form. In order to develop a technique to harness foot step energy, a foot step electricity generating device was developed. This device, if embedded in footpaths, can convert foot impact energy into electrical form. If such devices are embedded into places where there is continuous human traffic like malls, railway platforms, city footpaths etc, the electricity generated from these devices can be used for street lighting purpose.

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  1. Navaneethan

    How mush cost of this project


      varry from Rs.4500 to 6000 according to size and functioning

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