Metro Train Prototype


Metro Train Prototype is designed so that students can understand the technology used in the now a day’s driver less metro train which is used in most of the developed countries like Germany, France, and Japan etc. These trains are equipped with the CPU, which control the train. The train is programmed for the specific path. Every station on the path is defined, stoppage timing of the train and distance between the two stations is predefined.


In Metro Train Prototype project we will try to give the same prototype for this type of trains. We are using microcontroller 8051 as CPU. The motion of the train is controlled by the Stepper Motor, for displaying message in the train we are using Intelligent LCD Display of two lines. The train is designed for three stations. The Stoppage time is of 3 Sec and time between two consecutive stations is 6 sec.
There is a LCD display for showing various messages in the train for passengers. There are indicators, which are used to show the train direction i.e. Up path and Down path. Before stopping at station the train blows the buzzer. It also includes an emergency brake system due to which the train stops as soon as the brakes are applied and resumes journey when the emergency situation is over.


Circuit Diagram:


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