AC Motor Speed Control using IR TV Remote with ZVS, 8051


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The main objective of AC Motor Speed Control using IR TV Remote to provides controlling the speed of AC motor or any electrical appliances by a TV remote with ZVS method. TSOP receives the signal from TV remote and provides it to micro – controller for further process. TSOP 1738 is a high sensitive IR receiver which can sense 38 KHz IR light. This project has coverage distance up to 10 meter, so it can be used at home offices, Showrooms and etc. This project can easily installed and used. Basically, AC motors need more current, so we use Triac driver for our driving AC motor. Here we need to consider two factors, firstly driving AC motor with low current and protecting micro controller from high current which is done by using MOC3021. A 16×2 character LCD is also used here to displaying the speed of motor.


Micro controller receives signal from TV remote and compare it with data stored in its memory. After then controller increases or decreases the speed of Fan, Mixer grinder or AC motor according to the instruction given by remote. Micro- controller controls these devices by using PWM signal which it provides to optocoupler MOC3021. An optocoupler is essentially an optical transmitter and an optical receiver connected by a non-conductive barrier. It uses a beam of light to transfer energy from one circuit element to another. At each updating in speed of Fan, Mixer grinder or AC motor, controller displays the current speed on LCD.

The project is having comparator which is used for ZVS output. The ZVS (ZERO VOLTAGE START) is given as reference interrupt to microcontroller. The microcontroller is of 8051 family which is of 8bit. In this we are using push button as switch which is used as reference interrupt to microcontroller and using that interrupt we give signal to opto isolator. The opto isolator used in the project is used as switching element using this we will trigger the back to back SCR. On the base of SCR triggering the AC lamp can be controlled to ON at low voltage.

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  1. Shushma

    Why ZVS method is used.?


      ZVS method delivers a fixed amount of energy to the output, and also switch turn-on and turn-off occurs at zero current and voltage. It Reduced EMI / RFI at transitions.



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