Voice Controlled Robot Car via Bluetooth using Android App and Arduino


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In this project, there android application to gives specific voice commands to the robot. And the robot have the Arduino board with a Bluetooth transceiver module which receives the commands and the robot car will follow according to the voice command.

Arduino board controls the movements of the robot  by controlling the motor according to received commands. The robot moves forwards, backwards, left and right, and stops according to the voice commands forward, backward, left, right and stop, respectively.

This voice control robot consists of an Android Smartphone as a transmitter and Robot with Arduino and bluetooth module as a receiver.

Android application has speech-recognition to recognize the user voice command via microphone. The voice commands are processed within the app using Google’s speech-recognition technology. After then it sends the respective commands via bluetooth.

Arduino Uno,  having an AVR ATmega microcontroller, a development board with digital I/O pins. The board provides the capability of serial communication via UART, SPI and I2C.  Arduino board communicate serially with HC-05 Bluetooth module to read the commands. Arduino also checks the commands received and operate further if it is a matched command. Now Arduino board controls the movements of the robot accordingly voice commands.


  1. Easily control the robot via voice commands.
  2. Android application recognize the voice commands.
  3. Arduino board auto filter false command received if any.
  4. Robot controlled wireless by using Bluetooth.
  5. No need to manual typing text or button click.


  1. Sometime wrong command recognized due to voice accent mismatch.

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